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Dr. Devers - Winslow is passionate about staying current with researched-based treatment options.  This allows her to best tailor her treatment plans in order to help each patient to their optimal health and strength goals. She is a Certified Prenatal Specialist certified in the Webster Technique and Sports Medicine Provider specializing in the Graston Technique®, KinesioTaping®, and Rock Taping® Techniques. Dr. Devers - Winslow has enjoyed working with athletes of multiple University Athletic Departments and has accumulated family health experience in Pasadena, Downtown Houston, and Vintage Park.

Through her detailed techniques and experiences, Dr. Devers - Winslow has seen numerous testimonials and positive outcomes as she helps her patients to optimize their physical health potential.

Dr. Devers - Winslow graduated from The University of Houston with her Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Nutrition. Passionate about all systems in the human body, she began her focus on the musculoskeletal system to later graduate with academic honors and was awarded the Student Keeler Award from Texas Chiropractic College.

While attending Chiropractic school, Dr. Devers-Winslow enrolled in a simultaneous Master’s program at the University of Houston- Clear Lake, in which she also graduated with honors; cum laude in Exercise and Health Sciences. These programs, in addition to certifications in Pregnancy and Pediatric Care, have enabled her to combine traditional workouts with rehabilitation training protocols to enhance everyday activities and athletic performance goals.

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Dr Ashley Devers places great value and purpose in her ability to help each patient establish healthy goals and watch them transition from a life filled with dis-ease to a life of freedom and health.

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